Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to help students to become better thinkers by teaching them about most impenetrable form of human knowledge: mathematics. I believe in teaching students about mathematical creativity and reinforcing their intuition with the help of logical rigour. In you are interested in reading more about my philosophy, please visit the About page!

I am enthusiastic to work with middle school and high school students who are motivated to learn about mathematics. These include students studying in one of the following streams:

  • Ontario curriculum
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) and pre-IB
  • Advanced Placement (AP) and pre-AP
  • SAT exam preparation

Special requests, such as learning basic problem-solving in order to know how to tackle “thinking” questions at school, will also be considered.

When developing educational materials, I take a “first principles” approach by asking myself what is possible instead of repeating the status quo. This means that I teach mathematics using original and effective approaches. Moreover, instead of working to place a class full of students on a bell curve, my goal is to actually maximize learning and performance in individual students.

I am distinguishable from other private teachers because of my emphasis on the quality of the learning environment instead of the quantity of my students. Students who choose my premium tutoring services receive individual attention, or occasionally learn in small cohorts when they sign up together. I assign meaningful homework to students and provide custom written feedback to ensure that a true learning process occurs. On the other hand, there are online schools where each class has too many students. I have seen what happens in such cases: teaching quality and individual attention drop, students fall behind, resulting in slowed teaching, more homework extension requests, and students looking up answers on the internet. My focus is not unrestrained growth, but to ensure my students’ achievement. With me, you can also be assured of extensive educational experience and outstanding mathematical qualifications.

All teaching is done online via a screen-sharing and meeting software, usually Zoom. I use a pen tablet and a drawing software to communicate mathematics visually. I also use an external microphone. A webcam is not necessary, as I prefer that students focus on my writing and drawings instead of my face!