We offer individual online tutoring, otherwise known as coaching, as a service to students who want laser-focused attention from a highly qualified instructor. Teaching is done by Zoom and a pen tablet. Standard subject areas include material from the grade 8-12 Ontario math curriculum, math contest training and enrichment, and proofs. Special requests, such as tutoring for the International Baccalaureate program (IB), Advanced Placement Calculus (AP), and SAT prep, will also be considered.

The fees for a one-hour session are $65 CAD, which includes the time for lesson preparation, teaching, and providing detailed feedback on homework. A free one-on-one diagnostic lesson is available for applicants. This allows the student to get a feel for the teacher’s style and for us to determine the student’s understanding of prerequisite material. We generally only work with students who are seeking long-term instruction (i.e. at least once a week for a semester), in order for there to be enough interaction to produce a positive transformation in the student’s mathematical skill-level.

Upon submission of the form below, we will email you to begin a discussion about the student’s needs. Thank you!

Individual Tutoring Application
For example: What is the student's background in mathematics? What grade is the student in?
For example: Which topics most interest the student? What would the student like to learn in the future?