Seraj is the third tutor we’ve hired to help our son with middle school maths. We feel we’ve finally found in Seraj the professional, patient, supportive, and dedicated tutor that we’ve been hoping for. My son is starting to find the confidence in his maths skills that has always eluded him and Seraj’s patient teaching and positive reinforcement is a large part of that. Many thanks, Seraj.

Helen Zervas
Parent of a middle school math student

Samer Seraj is very thorough in his approach, ensuring the student benefits from the sessions by teaching, allocating homework, taking the time to grade the homework and also, reviewing it, if need be. He’s also very approachable and flexible if his schedule permits it. I can certainly vouch for his reliability!

Suja Menon
Parent of a first-year computer science student

Seraj has been my son’s university first-year math proof tutor for the past five months. Excellent tutor who clarifies things and is willing to go over concepts and topics several times! Explains complex problems in such a way that you can understand the components and apply them to a wide range of problems. Overall, I strongly recommend Seraj!

Aslam Khan
Parent of a first-year computer science student

My kids were enjoying Seraj’s lectures. He has a solid math background, and especially in math contests. His materials are structured logically, and the lessons are easy to follow. We liked his teaching approaches.

Berny E
Parent of two middle school math contestants

Very happy with Seraj. He was well prepared for each session. Very patient, offered additional practice questions along with time management tips for exams. Highly recommended.

Rick Medeiros
Parent of a first-year computer science student

Broad scope of knowledge and topics, intuitive and detailed.

Jimmy Wang
High School Math Contestant in Grade 12

I enjoyed listening to Samer Seraj’s lectures – his materials are structured logically and the lectures are easy to follow. I liked his way of approaching these materials which strike a balance of breadth, depth and applicability to solve real problems.

Richard Luo
 Data Scientist and Statistician

Samer Seraj effortlessly integrates his unique personality in teaching helpful problem-solving techniques that apply formal proofs and concepts to fundamentally important yet sometimes quirky problems. The lessons were a big help in improving my problem-solving skills while shining a light on the culture of mathematics as a whole.

Ian Weaver
PhD Candidate at Yale School of Management

Samer Seraj is a knowledgeable teacher who takes the effort to understand and connect with his students. He always addresses questions clearly and surprises you with interesting puzzles!

Albert Hsueh
Masters Student at University of Toronto

Thank you, Samer Seraj, for always repeating your content a few more times for me when I need it. I enjoy the interactive problem solving sessions especially when you take time to understand my train of thoughts!

Zack Tzeng
Information Security Specialist