It’s lucky to have a teacher like Seraj. Time is precious for students it will be a pity if you miss the best study time. A right teacher is the most important thing when I want to choose the teacher for my son. In Seraj’s introduction, he mentioned that he would take the time to correct students’ homework, and I realized that he might be the teacher I was looking for. The facts did not disappoint me. Seraj is a very responsible teacher, and he always takes time to grade and give specific advice.  I never worry about his professional level; he has enough ability and knowledge to do his job. I respect him for his teaching attitude, punctuality, seriousness, clarity, his own teaching philosophy and experience. He made a study plan according to my son’s situation, and I trust him. Maybe I could find someone who was good at math, but I don’t think there are many teachers like Seraj who are both responsible and good at teaching.

Parent of an Ontario high school student

Without a doubt Seraj is one of if not the best tutor for proofs. His explanations are exceptional and easy to understand. If you are confused or don’t understand a topic he is willing to re-explain it in a way that you do. When completing homework and asking for feedback on it he will always tell you what you did correct and incorrect as well as give you a really detailed explanation on it. Overall, I would recommend Seraj to anyone who is looking for a tutor that is willing to go above and beyond for their students.

First-year computer science student

Samer Seraj was the first person I contacted for help with my mathematical proofs course and I’m glad I did so. He’s been able to help me understand the course so much more than I could have on my own. Even when something was straightforward but I was confused he would politely explain it to me and didn’t hesitate to ask me and make sure that I understood everything he’s taught me so far.

First-year computer science student

The lessons were very clear, direct, and enhanced my logical and mathematical skills and knowledge. The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly and patient, which are great qualities to look for in tutors. The overall experience was very optimized for maximum results, in both productivity and clarity. The general process and structure to tackle each kind of problem were understandable and allowed me to properly outline all of my solutions. In a week’s time, we were able to cover new content, tackle problem set questions, and practice rigorously through textbook questions. The efforts go beyond the class, especially when receiving detailed feedback for my homework submissions, which helped me correct some of my mistakes. Without this experience, I would have lacked a lot of techniques, practice, and logical thinking to take on this course. This is a great supplement to the university instruction, and will only help you get further.

First-year computer science student

When I first started having tutoring sessions with Seraj over the summer I had great difficulty in understanding the course’s material and was very stressed about getting high enough marks to be accepted into the only program I cared about. By the time school started I still didn’t have a good grasp on the material, although the introduction of the concepts helped greatly in my understanding through the first half of the semester. During my time with Seraj he was very professional but at the same time his lessons were fun and enjoyable. He would always give out homework that he would grade and send feedback. If I ever felt like I didn’t understand a specific concept or problem it was very quick to contact him by email and he would provide explanations or plenty of extra practice material when asked. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects he teaches, by far the most helpful tutor I have ever had. I started as Seraj’s worst student yet ended up Getting the highest mark in the subject out of all his other students. I wouldn’t have made it without him and am very grateful for his support.

First-year computer science student

I contacted several tutors to find the right fit for my daughter (for proofs) when she got an admission offer from the University of Toronto. During my research, I determined Samer to be our best option and it worked out well. Samer not only taught but followed up during quizzes, exams and other times as necessary. He demonstrated flexibility when we had an ask (or two). Samer’s knowledge and ability to communicate is outstanding and I highly recommend him to others seeking help.

Parent of a first-year computer science student

Samer is a dedicated man who ensures that his students fully understand every nook and cranny of the concepts he covers. Whenever he is contacted outside of tutoring hours he responds quickly and gives in-depth explanations to ensure that any misconceptions are correctly explained. This is very helpful when studying before tests and exams. Overall, Samer was a delightful person to work with and someone who truly inspires his students to do their best and try hard to succeed.

First-year computer science student

Seraj has been my son’s university first-year math proof tutor for the past five months. Excellent tutor who clarifies things and is willing to go over concepts and topics several times! Explains complex problems in such a way that you can understand the components and apply them to a wide range of problems. Overall, I strongly recommend Seraj!

Parent of a first-year computer science student

Samer Seraj is very thorough in his approach, ensuring the student benefits from the sessions by teaching, allocating homework, taking the time to grade the homework and also, reviewing it, if need be. He’s also very approachable and flexible if his schedule permits it. I can certainly vouch for his reliability!

Parent of a first-year computer science student

Seraj is the third tutor we’ve hired to help our son with middle school maths. We feel we’ve finally found in Seraj the professional, patient, supportive, and dedicated tutor that we’ve been hoping for. My son is starting to find the confidence in his maths skills that has always eluded him and Seraj’s patient teaching and positive reinforcement is a large part of that. Many thanks, Seraj.

Parent of a middle school math student

My kids were enjoying Seraj’s lectures. He has a solid math background, and especially in math contests. His materials are structured logically, and the lessons are easy to follow. We liked his teaching approaches.

Parent of two middle school math contestants

Very happy with Seraj. He was well prepared for each session. Very patient, offered additional practice questions along with time management tips for exams. Highly recommended.

Parent of a first-year computer science student

Broad scope of knowledge and topics, intuitive and detailed.

High school math contestant